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We are building - but we don't know what yet! 
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10 = I like it very much

Submarine: You are in a WWII submarine. A fire broke out in the back. In exactly one hour the fire will reach the ammunition dump. Stop the fire to survive.

U-Boot - 0

Starship: You are on a collision course with an asteroid. The collision will take place in exactly one hour. Disables autopilot and changes course.

Starship - 0

Insane asylum: You were admitted to an insane asylum due to a misdiagnosis. It is known that no one has been able to escape from that mental asylum so far. Can you escape?

Irrenanstalt - 0

Dollhouse: It seems Prof. Blur made it! For a few days there have been repeated incidents in which those affected have reported bloodthirsty killer dolls. Find Blur's laboratory and save the world from an invasion. 

Puppenhaus - 0

Nuclear power plant: It happened - the nuclear power plant is on the verge of super meltdown. Now it's up to you, can you prevent this in time or will thousands of people die?

Atomkraftwerk - 0

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