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Junge Frau siegt bei Videospiel

Game Masters Wanted!

Du liebst Escape Rooms?

Das Wichtigste für diesen Job? Ganz einfach, du spielst leidenschaftlich gerne Escape Rooms! Du weißt also genau, auf was es bei einem Game Master drauf ankommt.

Du bist Offen und Gehst auf Menschen zu?

Unsere Gäste sollen bei uns ein tolles Erlebnis haben - ein wichtiger Teil dafür bist du!

What can I expect?

What should you bring?

  • You are open and communicative

  • You are young and dynamic

  • You have a passion for escape rooms

  • You speak English and it's better than "the yellow from the egg"

What will your tasks be?

  • You greet the groups when they arrive

  • You explain to the groups what to expect and what the rules for the escape room are

  • You observe the groups during the game and help them, in case you don't know

  • You reset the rooms between games and set everything up for the next group

What we offer?

  • Flexible working hours during our opening hours (perfect as a student job)

  • We are a young, dynamic team that loves escape rooms

Apply now!

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